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New Family Reunion Updates

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New Family Reunion Updates
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Email new updates for reunion to contact us email address to have placed on this site.


Meeting Agenda Number 6

SUNDAY, January 23, 2011

Time:  7:00 pm


DEVOTIONAL:                                Scripture:       TBA (To be announced)

                                                            Family Prayer:          Pray in Unison

READING OF PREVIOUS MINUTES:    (Everyone should have the minutes read before the Conference call.  Please be prepared with any corrections if any).



         Treasurer’s Report

         Approval of Treasurer’s Report

         Recording of Meeting Minutes:

1.    January, 2011 Tonya Thomas (Naomi Thomas Family)

2.    February and March, 2011(Via Arrena Boone there is no one in the Thomas Wakefield’s Family to record the minutes.)

February and March will now move to a member from Samuel Wakefield’s Family

3.    April and May, 2011 member from Willie Wakefield’s Family

4.    June and July, 2011 member from Mary Minion’s Family



1.    Vera Gardner Family

2.    Daisy King Family

3.    Naomi Thomas Family

4.    Thomas Wakefield, Sr. Family

5.    Samuel Wakefield, Sr. Family

6.    Willie Wakefield Family

7.    Mary Minion Family

8.    T. R. Wakefield, Jr. Family

9.    Franklin Wakefield Family

10. Herman Wakefield Family




1.    Activities Committee:        (Terra Bynum, Chair)




2.    Public Relations Committee:                  (Annie Ruth Williamson, Chair)



3.    Clean Up – Set Up Committee:               (Leonard Wright, Jr. Chair)



4.    Program Committee:                     (April W. Wyatt, Chair)



5.    Correspondence Committee:                 (Erma Jenkins, Chair)


6.    Food Committee:               (Arrena Solomon, Chair)


A copy of the menus was emailed to the list-served. We received a few suggestions and changes are be made.


7.    Finance Committee:                      (Simeon Wakefield, Chair)

Please mail or give family reunion assessments (money) to:

Simeon H. Wakefield, P.O. Box 108, Plains, GA 31780


8.    T – Shirt Committee:                     (Rusha Gardner, Chair)



9.    Family Directory:                (Sardelta (Delta) Black, Chair)

Everyone should have received a communication via email regarding providing updated information in your family tree.  Delta has been very creative and innovative in how this data will be collected in a smart and not difficult manner.  NO MAILING, NO PAPER PRINTING, JUST CLICK BUTTONS AND SEND.




Family Unit contacts are as follows:


Vera Gardner Family:                    Rusha Gardner

Daisy King Family:                         Renee Ludd

Naomi Thomas Family:                Bennie Thomas, Jr.

Thomas Wakefield, Sr. Family:   Arrena Boone

Samuel Wakefield, Sr. Family:    Donna Scott or next assigned contact

Willie Wakefield Family:                Dorothy Ann Wakefield

Mary Minion Family:                      April W. Wyatt

T. R. Wakefield, Jr. Family:          Erma Jenkins

Franklin Wakefield Family:          Reuben Wakefield or next contact

Herman Wakefield Family:           Cynthia Wakefield

            Once updates have been entered by the March 31, 2011 deadline, Delta will notify the family unit contacts so that they may check and make sure that the entered data is correct for their particular family unit.  If there are changes to be made in your family unit contact, please notify President April Wyatt immediately.


10. T. R. Wakefield Scholarship Committee:         (Erma Jenkins, Chair)


11. Wakefield Family 4th Generation Committee:              (Debbie Waller, Adviser)


12. “Wakefield Happenings Newsletter”:               (Bernstine Hollis, Editor & Publisher)


13. Decorations for 2011:                   (Josephine Thomas and Arrena Boone)


We will be operating out of two venues (St. Mark A.M.E Family Life Center and Lebanon Baptist Church Fellowship Building and Grounds).









o   Visit the Wakefield Family Website:

o   Other Old Business…



  All family units that have deceased family members, please provide President Wyatt with a Head and Shoulder photo (preferred) by the end of January, 2011.  Emailing them is preferred.

  Granddaddy’s Head Stone renovation

  Family Cemetery visit during reunion.

  Other Unfinished Business...


         NEW BUSINESS;

  Outline of the Church Service Program

  Layout of the Reunion Activities Friday through Sunday

  Prayer for the sick family members

  Other New Business…

  February, 2011 Meeting Date and Time:  February 27 at 7:00 pm???

  Closing Prayer:


Hello Family,

Happy New Year to all!  My prayer is that everyone is safe, healthy and warm!

Please see below the Food Committees’ suggestions for The Family Reunion Meals  (Arrena Thomas-Solomon, Chair; Thank you Arrena).  This comes to you for your information and also for any suggestions that you might have.  Please look over these suggestions and make your suggestion via email back to me and I will get them to Arrena  before the next scheduled Family Reunion Conference Call, scheduled for Sunday, Evening, January 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm.  I am looking forward to hearing all of you on the call.  We are on the “home stretch” toward the reunion.  DO NOT FORGET TO GET YOUR FAMILY REUNION ASSESSMENTS (MONEY) IN TO SIMEON WAKEFIELD OR SUSIE HENDERSON.  Thanks to everyone for all that you do and are doing to make this reunion continue to happen!

Love, Peace, Joy and Blessings,

President April W. Wyatt

404.403.9884 Cell/Business


Friday July 1st

Chicken Strips and Hot Dogs

Bake Beans

Pasta Salad




Saturday  July 2nd

Bar-B-Que (or) Fish

Slaw Chips

Tossed Salad



Sunday  July  3rd

Baked or Fried Chicken  and


Dressing, Cranberry Sauce & Gravy


Corn on Cob

Potato Salad

Pound Cake

Potato Pies



Mrs. Erma Wakefield Jenkins
Emanuel County Schools
201 N. Main Street
Swainsboro, GA 30401
478-237-3404 (Fax)

"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
                                           William James

If you are a  4th Generation Wakefield Family Member (Great Grandchildren of Rev. T. R. Wakefield Sr.), this message is for you.
 If you are not 4th generation, please assist me by passing this message along to any of your 4th generation members who are not in this email list. Also, if you have email addresses for any 4th generation members who’s email address is not in this list, please forward it to me so that I can contact them.
The Family Reunion officers have heard you. You want to have more input and ideas into the Family Reunion planning and activities. You want to do things during the Reunion that are more geared toward your interests.
Your generation plays a critical role in continuing the Wakefield Family legacy. We want you to be engaged, feel a part of, and enjoy the Family Reunions. So, this is your chance! I have agreed to serve as the 3rd generation advisor to the 4th generation. My role is to communicate with you to gather your ideas and input, then present them to the Reunion Body  so that you and your interest can be considered in the planning. This is your chance to be heard, to get involved, to help something happen that you would like to see and be a part of.
Let me start with a clarification; Our group does not take the place of the Family Reunion Activity Committee.  That committee is in place and is focusing on activities for the entire family; all generations. I will work with you to make sure that your ideas are included with whatever activities come out of that committee.
So,  here is what you do: If you have an idea for an activity or something that would help you and your generation look forward to and enjoy the Reunion more, let us hear about it. Send me an email. Tell me what’s on your mind. Let’s talk about what we can do.
Here are some things you should think about when you make your suggestions:
All activities require effort on someone’s part to make things happen. Planning and carrying out Reunion activities is no one persons responsibility. If everyone is to be happy, it takes us all to get involved.  When you make your suggestions, think about and tell me what it would take to make your idea happen, and what work you are willing to put into the planning and the activity.
The existing Reunion fees are targeted primarily for meals for the Reunion. Funds are tight. It has been challenging for many of our family members to pay the fees.
If your idea has a cost associated with it, think about and tell me how much it would cost and how we could fund it. Again, tell me what you are willing to do to make it happen.
I know time is short now. I apologize for getting started on this so late. There is still time to come up with some ideas and any ideas that can’t be implemented this year, we can work on implementing next time. This is not a one-time effort, we want to engage you for years to come, so let’s start talking now and looking ahead.
So, let’s start talking. Use this email address and tell me what’s on your mind. I also have a Facebook page, but I’m still trying to figure out how to best leverage that. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook though, and if that is a better way for us to communicate than email, then I’m for it, just give me some direction.
Remember, you are the Wakefield Family’s future, we want you to be involved, this is your chance to get involved, let me hear from you.
Speak now, or forever hold your peace! J Looking forward to hearing from you!
Love and Blessing,
Debbie Waller

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